Wireless Earphones & Headphones – A budding trend in the consumer electronics industry

The paradigm change from home audio sets to convenient audio devices over the years has led to an upward drift in the earphones & headphones market. The current outburst in the earphone & headphone industry is not a craze; but, it’s the future. Today, we can see people around us tethered to their smartphones, tablets, or any other portable electronic device. With music getting portable, people tend to spend majority portion of their daily life listening to music or watching videos on the go.

The development of headphones is yet another outcome of the mobile revolution we’ve experienced so far. MP3 players have turned from exotic detached devices to just apps on a home screen, and hence music enthusiasts have significantly turned to spend more of their money and time on the real hardware to which they listen to. Further, wireless connectivity has become much more affordable, in-line microphones are now basically a standard feature, and in the future health sensors and other capabilities will likely keep earphones and headphones morphing into more multi-functional gadgets.

Manufacturers catering to this space understand the existing opportunity in the market and each one of them wish to make the best out of it. Companies emphasize on developing state of the art portable audio devices with excellent built quality, sound, design, performance, and ease of use. Moreover, the industry is witnessing an upcoming trend wherein an increasing number of manufacturers are offering goodies with the purchase of earphones/headphones more than to make up for the cost.

Technological advancements in the field of earphones and headphones have significantly led the snowballing sales over the recent past. Nevertheless, the advent of wireless earphones and headphones can be regarded as the most prolific advancement since it saves the user from the hassles of wired products, thereby paving the way for wireless earphones and headphones.

One of the burgeoning trends in mobile technology today is the escalating sophistication of headphones. Increased consumer appetite for additional features has led to an increase in the average price of earphones and headphones. With the integration of Bluetooth, Infrared and Wi-Fi in premium earphones and headphones, consumers are increasingly adopting these tiny devices also as a statement of fashion.

These devices exhibit high consumer adoption rate during workouts, leisure time, and traveling which is a major factor escalating the earphones and headphones demand over the next few years. The proliferation of various e-commerce websites, paired with competitive pricing is further expected to swell the sales of earphones and headphones via online store over the coming years.

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