Primary Market Research

Ameri Research has set up a robust and reliable platform to execute the primary research needs of its varied client base. However, we also undertake clients’ customized project. Our presence in multiple countries, deep service capability in online survey technologies and ability to carry out complex statistical analysis helps us bringing deliverable which is accurate, precise and timely. We keep all our anonymous records of respondents saved for 15 years in a centralized server and always support our clients in taking a data-driven decision. We have tied up with many agencies globally to recruit any specific respondents as per our clients’ need and face to face interview in geographies we are not present. Our experienced consultants with strong domain knowledge perform qualitative research such as in-depth telephone interviews, online surveys, focus groups, and face to face surveys among others.




Primary Market ResearchPrimary Market Research1


We apply all customized sampling strategy as per the need of the project. However, we opt random sampling, stratified sampling, opportunity sampling and systemic sampling for a small population.

Ameri Research has in-house data analytical capability with SAS platform and retains trained and certified Analysts to perform complex statistical modeling needed to understand the business scenario.




  • All our customized primary market research results delivered in PPT format.
  • If you are one among a fortune 500 company and has purchased our enterprise license to one of our syndicated report in the last 30 days, we can offer one primary research services for your enterprise at no additional cost.
  • If you are a large NGO or an established firm working on human issues such as health, sanitation, climate change, refugee rehabilitation, etc., we can work to provide our services free of cost to you.
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