Full Time Associates

To sustain growth in a rapidly evolving and challenging business environment, companies need to scan the markets they operate on a daily basis. It will be difficult for small companies to set up a market research operation to track the market development and competition to work in their advantage often due to budget constraints.


Ameri research can help bridge that gap while providing dedicated consultants either to our clients’ premises or serving from our office location on a fee-for-service basis. Our services come along with the access to a wealth of proprietary databases and licensed tools.  Our FTA (Full Time Associate) model is a significant help to larger companies in terms of executing time-sensitive project or project with specific business needs. Our services model is equipped with –


  1. Dedicated consultants supported by few analysts with research support 24 X 7 all year round
  2. Availability of FTA for minimum 100 hours to full one year
  3. Periodic deliverables and analyst briefings
  4. Access to our syndicated research reports as annual subscription
  5. Complete flexibility for customized solutions

FTA teams can be customized as per client requirements and include consultants, domain experts, primary market research analysts and data mining expert. We also have collaboration with many technological and IT service providers, which helps us to deliver long-term and complex analytical assignments. Below is our SOP for offsite FTA services –
* Our FTA services for research purpose within Leading research institutes or Universities will be available at a discounted Price. Please mention the same if so while filling the query.   

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