Data Analytics

Data Analytics


Everything today generates data, Starting from a Memo written to the employee to addressing of Annual General body Meeting. The Data models the organization in terms of dynamicity as well as embody the culture. Analytics will enable an organization a journey from “Stored only data” to “Decision Framework base”.
Any Organization has 5 kinds of data to deal with


  • Operational Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Analytical Data
  • Master Data
  • Metadata


We have a core understanding What, Where, When and How the Data Behaves, which is applied with a sense of business. Outcome of which reflects

  • Organization of data flows
  • Maturity of the data
  • How process of data transformation is evolving in the organization
  • How Operational Data can be combined with Analytical Data to drive Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Decision Making


We can uncover patterns, Map Competitors, Flag customer detachment and Simultaneously track and Analyze the activity of the business stakeholders with data Analytics. This not only makes decision making streamlined also makes an Organization Well governed from People, Process and Technology Perspective.

  • Imagine an Insurance Company identifying a defaulter from the first due, because the previous decision barriers have been breached by his/her behavior.
  • How a Pharmaceutical company can effectively rearrange its wholesaler engagement just prior to a termination of Patent Period, all based on data.
  • How a Generic Pharma Chain have effectively revamped the supply chain to accommodate any surge in demand for a particular product.

Data Analytics Presentation

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